The world that fears summer
Are you looking forward to the summer? Behind us are the hottest January and March in the history of measurements, in April summer and winter alternated, so if you fear the coming summer and new temperature records that will be broken, you are not the only one. In a world facing the devastating consequences of climate change, environmental degradation and increasingly pronounced environmental problems, green themes have long been not just a trend, but a necessity. Even former skeptics are slowly beginning to accept the appeals of environmental activists that it is high time for a change. Unfortunately or fortunately, we can win in this fight only if we all get involved - from companies, to states, to citizens, wherever they live, in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. At stake is
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Dubravka Đedović Handanović, Minister of Mining and Energy - Serbia has treasures, but the economy must not come before people's health
Is Rio Tinto coming back to Serbia? Is our country capable of developing nuclear energy? When will the coal-fired thermal power plants be finally closed? These are just some of the current issues that are in the focus of the environmental, economic, and general public. In search of answers, we
Saša Mujović, Minister of Energy and Mining of Montenegro - Water, wind and sun substitute for Pljeval coal
All the steps taken by the current government are aimed at building a new stable source of energy in Montenegro, after more than four decades. The goal is to valorize the potentials that the country is rich in, and currently the current projects are the hydroelectric power plants (HE) Komarnica,
The project of mapping locations suitable for the development of RES capacities in Montenegro has been launched - In Nikšić alone, the potential of wind and solar is about 1,400 GWh per year
The potential for developing renewable energy sources in Montenegro is unquestionable. This is also evidenced by the interest of investors, so urban planning and technical conditions have been issued for 42 locations for the construction of solar power plants, which is about 7,000 MW of installed
Green bonds have arrived on the BiH market - What are they for, what are the risks and potentials?
(Illustration) Can the BiH financial market strengthen green projects? As in numerous other environmental issues, basically everyone, both government and business representatives and civil associations with a big "YES" support the green transition, environmental protection, improvement of energy

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Miodrag Perović, Senior Development Manager, CPI Property Group - STOP SHOP Subotica will become our largest retail park by the end of the year
Big investments are ahead of CPI Property Group - one of the most current ones is the construction of phase II of the retail park STOP SHOP Subotica, which will receive 13 new tenants on the newly built 5,680 square meters and become the largest retail park in the company`s portfolio with a total of 15,670 m2 of commercial space. In this, as well as in other retail centers, the company is guided by the postulates of environmental protection - in four STOP SHOP retail parks, the concept of an
The CWP company in Serbia is currently developing seven projects with a total capacity of 1.6 GW, while in Montenegro it is working on the development of a solar power plant with a capacity of 400 MW. With the Vetrozelena project, it won last year`s auctions for the allocation of market premiums for RES, and all the electricity produced in the Vetrozelena wind farm will remain within the Republic of Serbia, reveals in an interview for the portal eKapija, director for project development in
The company New Energy Solutions is a leading company in the sector of development, construction and management of renewable energy projects in Serbia. They started back in 2012, as a small project-oriented company, and after more than a decade of practical experience in the realization of RES projects, they are the only ones in our country to provide development, project management, engineering and operational management services for large energy projects. Their team provides a complete
Green Energy 360 is a company that deals with conceptual solutions, design, construction and maintenance of solar power plants. So far, it has built solar power plants for numerous renowned companies. The general manager of Green Energy 360, Vladan Komatović, revealed in an interview for the eKapija portal that solar power plants are the most profitable for companies that use that energy for their own consumption while returning a minimal amount to the grid. It takes an average of 30 to 60
The company Telemax doo Banja Luka is a well-known name in the world of electrical installations, where it has been operating for more than two decades, and has expanded its business to include solar energy. And very successfully - in a relatively short time, it has implemented more than 20 solar power plant projects on industrial and commercial facilities, and now has more than 8.5 MW of solar power plant capacity in stable operation. However, it does not stop there - in accordance with the

Current affairs

Sabiana Energy Smart - Innovative solutions for fresh air at home
Always clean and fresh air at home, both in summer and winter - sounds like a difficult task, but not for Sabiana Energy Smart units. The latest technology enables automatic air flow regulation and outdoor air filtering, so your home will always have an ideal climate.These innovative solutions for
Danijela Isailović, manager of RES Serbia - We connect key players in the RES sector in Serbia and the world
In just over three years of its existence, the Association of Renewable Energy Sources of Serbia has come a long way - from an organization founded by three companies to a voice of the industry that gathers 40 members, among whom are the largest producers of electricity from wind and solar,
Leaders of cement industry decarbonization - Lafarge Serbia on the path to carbon neutrality
The latest circular economy development program in Serbia, which represents a strategic concept for the green transition, set high on the priority list for the development of our society, implies economic, energy and investment transition, which are based on sustainable use of resources and energy,
Apply for the Public Call for innovative solutions for the green transition of Serbian economy and society!


Univerexport, the holder of an investment of 6 million EUR in renewable energy sources
In the next five years, the Univerexport company will be the bearer of an investment of 6 million EUR intended for the construction of a number of photovoltaic power plants with a total capacity of 10 MW. Investing in renewable energy sources is part of the ESG strategy aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting a sustainable energy transition. An important step in the

Energy efficiency

Energy Net - Energy is at the core of our business
For more than 30 years, the company Energy Net has been dealing with energy management intended for human comfort in a better atmosphere of the space where humans spend their time. Putting the long-term well-being of man and nature at the center of its business, the company focuses on providing energy-efficient HVAC solutions, thereby supporting the green energy transition.Today, that branch of
Dragana Korica, executive director of the Serbian Green Building Council - There are no resources, the construction industry must become more sustainable
The construction sector is responsible for 37% of annual greenhouse gas emissions, according to data from the UN Environment Programme. Parallel to warnings that emissions from this sector are reaching new records year after year, we are witnessing efforts to "green" buildings. And Serbia follows world trends. The first building certified as green in Serbia was registered in 2013, and today we
Increasingly more prosumers in Serbia – Here’s how to calculate how much the construction of a rooftop solar power plant will cost you
In the first 11 months of 2023, the number of prosumers-households nearly tripled, from 602 households in 2022 to 1,846 in 2023, and it is recording a constant growth. The upgrade of the manner of calculation, the increase in the price of electricity, as well as state subsidies for the construction of solar power plants, have contributed to this trend. Due to the great interest of the citizens,

Recycling and circular economy

Siniša Mitrović, head of the Center for the Circular Economy of the PKS - Generation Z is starting the green revolution
Our recycling industry lacks 100,000 tons of glass cullet, 50,000 tons of waste wood, plastic is imported, and we generate three million tons of ash from thermal power plants, one million tons of slag, as well as one million tons of torn asphalt. All this can be returned as a new resource - Siniša Mitrović, head of the Center for Circular Economy of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, said in an
DS Smith creates packaging that is 100% recyclable - Your gateway to the circular economy
We live in a world that is constantly changing and in which both small and large cities, as well as their inhabitants, are developing in parallel with the development of digital technologies, which are fundamentally changing the way we buy and live. It is not surprising that we expect more from the products we buy. Among other things, customers are becoming more environmentally conscious and
Serbia could become a regional leader in the recycling of textile waste - Most of the 90,000 tons now goes to landfills or is burned
From next year, Italians, Germans, Swedes and other residents of the EU will have to dispose of textiles in separate containers. It is the first step towards an organized solution to the problem of textile waste, which Europeans generate in huge quantities - 12.6 million tons every year. In Serbia, on the other hand, the primary selection of waste has only taken root in some municipalities, but

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Five promising European green startups
From platforms that bring together small manufacturers, to applications that claim to revolutionize the construction industry - European startups offer a multitude of solutions for current environmental problems. We present to you five new companies that contribute to the reduction of waste, CO2 emissions, single-use plastics, and thus show that it is possible to combine environmental protection
The true price of years of living dangerously - These environmental documentaries are not to be missed
There are more and more series dealing with climate change, waste, endangered plant and animal species and other environmental topics. Some of them have been awarded with prestigious awards, and environmentally conscious Hollywood stars are frequently involved in the production. We recommend five documentaries that show the beauty of our planet, but also the problems it is facing. Years of
Restaurants with zero waste - From Berlin to Helsinki
Roasted goose in pumpkin and beetroot sauce, cauliflower with caviar, beetroot with grapefruit, lemon and seaweed - these are just some of the dishes you can try in restaurants from Berlin to Helsinki, which are becoming part of the growing trend of "zero waste" . These restaurants try to create as little waste as possible in their work, which means a seasonal menu, often with a smaller number of