HAI ROBOTICS modern solutions for warehouse automation

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HAI ROBOTICS was founded in 2016, with the aim of improving and automating warehouses and factories using logistics robots. Their solutions are applicable in the apparel industry, third-party logistics (3PL), retail, e-commerce, electronics, energy, manufacturing, healthcare and other industries.


Autonomous Case-handling Robot (ACR) systems are highly efficient Goods-to-Person solutions designed for totes & cartons transportation and preocess optimization. They provide efficient, intelligent, flexible and cost-effective warehouse automation solutions through robotics technology. HAI ROBOTICS invented the world`s first ACR system in 2015. The ACR system integrates ACR, AMR, workstations, conveyor system and HAIQ Software Platform, and other automation equipment to perform picking, sorting and transporting operations.


HaiPick System 1 is a solution for the necessary distribution of goods to the person, providing exceptional flexibility and scalability to improve warehouse operational efficiency and reduce unused storage space.

Backed by pioneer Autonomous Case-handling Mobile Robot (ACR) technology, the foundation solution empowers businesses to take the first step to modernize warehouse operations. HaiPick System 1 reduces overhead costs, centralizes and digitizes their data analysis, and optimizes existing storage density by 400%.

By tracking the operational efficiency of a traditional warehouse, the company`s Essential Goods-to-Person Automated Picking system provides 3-4 times greater efficiency, while increasing storage density by up to 400%. This solution flexibly improves warehouse operations in the following industries:

→ Fashion industry

→ Retail

→ Third Party Logistics (3PL)

→ E-commerce

→ Healthcare

→ Automotive industry

→ Electronics

Built on undisputed global industry experience, HaiPick System 1 takes innovation to a new level, empowering growing businesses to further enhance their competitive advantage. With advanced features and unmatched capabilities, the Essential Goods-to-Person Automated Picking System offers:

Optimized Operations: Discovers the power of accelerating incoming, outgoing and inventory processes, reaching new levels of productivity.

Optimally used space: Maximizes storage potential with vertical and high-density storage options.

Scalability at your fingertips: Adapt and grow effortlessly with flexible scale-up and scale-out options, adapting system components to evolving needs.

Data-driven decision making: Embraces the era of digital data management and analytics to deliver transparent and synchronized insights, empowering informed decisions.

Fast Implementation, Fast Return: Examines a quick launch and go-live date and enjoys a quick return on investment as the business embarks on its growth journey.



HaiPick System 2 is a tandem good-to-person solution – ACR, an Autonomous Case-handling Mobile Robot and AMR, an Autonomous Mobile Robot – that offers superior versatility and compatibility to improve warehouse operations efficiency and increase storage density.

By enabling the storage of various-sized products together in a single area rather than separately, the HaiPick System 2 maximizes vertical racking space and leads to a smaller warehouse footprint and simplified inventory management. HaiPick System 2 provides up to 5 times more storage density in existing facilities. Additionally, it centralizes and digitizes workflows for superior data analysis and offers 6 times greater operational efficiency.

This system is characterized by high efficiency, flexibility, compatibility and storage density. Simplified picking processes enable up to 6 times greater efficiency, and flexible rack layouts are tailored to store boxes and pallets, with support for easy capacity expansion. Simple storage and output for various-sized products is made possible through a variety of workstations. The storage density is 5 times higher, with a double-deep arrangement of racks up to 10 meters high.

HaiPick System 2 significantly reduces the required warehouse space, increases operational efficiency and order picking accuracy with the ability to combine picks from one system.



HaiPick System 3 is a innovative solution that offers superior flexibility and scalability to improve warehouse operational efficiency and maximize existing storage capacity significantly. Backed by the pioneer technology of Autonomous Case-handling Mobile Robots (ACR) and supported by the K50 Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), the ultramodern system solution empowers businesses to reduce costs, centralize and digitize data analysis, and meet crucial consumer demand goals.

HaiPick System 3 is characterized by the highest storage density, efficient cooperation with other devices, flexible system design and user safety. Thanks to ChainPick technology, it enables the storage of boxes up to five rows deep, with a storage density of up to 50 boxes per square meter. User efficiency increases from three to six times, as ACR and AMR can work together seamlessly, allowing as many as 1000+ robots to work together. The system is flexible and adaptable to B2B and B2C product and service providers, with rapid expansion of warehouse capacity. Advanced security features, such as Hi West and Green Pass protocols, ensure user safety.

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About the company:

TOP POS SERVIS DOO (member of TPSX Group) was founded in 2011, with headquarters in Belgrade. After several years of market analysis and study, a company was founded in order to do business with the sale, integration, service and maintenance of IT equipment. A special field tha TPS deals with is consulting, integration, software development and maintenance of logistics systems for automatic sorting of shipments, which we have been successfully dealting with for more than years. So far, we have successfully installed sorting systems in Serbia nad two large systems in Moscow. The largest advantage of the TPS company is know-how, local support and development in accordance with the needs of our clients. Our installed systems have been working reliably for over 8 zears, 24/7 365 days a year. TPS is widely present both on the territory of the Republic of Serbia and on onther markets such as Russia, Croatioa, Slovenia, Republic of Srpskka, Montenegro etc. Business network of TPS cooperates with over Poslovna mreža TPS-a sarađuje sa preko 30 partnera u Srbiji i svetu. partners in Serbia and the world.

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