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Hotel guests have high expectations and individual needs. When it comes to the climate, some people like their room to be fresh and cool, while some people prefer higher temperatures. But everyone prefers silence and an aesthetic atmosphere, so everyone will agree that the ideal air conditioning in a hotel should be unobtrusive, silent and imperceptible.

The components of modern building technology systems communicate and coordinate with each other thanks to innovative automation systems. By integrating them into the building management system, the safety and functionality of the entire system increases. In addition, it ensures flexible and energy-efficient use of facilities. The system automatically adapts to changing parameters and enables air conditioning and ventilation according to needs, which makes it more efficient.

Hotel Marriott, Skopje (Photo: Trox)Hotel Marriott, Skopje

TROX components around the world ensure hotel guests not only a pleasant climate thanks to their air distribution elements, but also the highest level of safety thanks to their fire protection and smoke control components and systems. Take a walk with us through a hotel where you can get to know some of the products of the German company TROX, which find their application in various areas of the hospitality industry.


In the lobby, systems with a mixed ventilation principle are most often used. The swirl diffusers are there to provide a pleasant climate in the lobby. Swirl diffusers XARTO and AIRNAMIC are innovative ceiling diffusers, which ensure quiet and optimal air swirl, which meets the strictest comfort requirements.

Hotel Ramonda, Rtanj (Photo: Trox)Hotel Ramonda, Rtanj

DUK and TJN nozzles are often used in large and tall lobbies, where the air has to travel long distances. They can be adjusted either manually or by means of an actuator, thus adjusting the air flow to the current needs.

FBA floor diffusers are designed for heavy loads and complement the existing convection streems in the occupied zones, which ensures the dissipation of local thermal loads.

Guest rooms

The ability for the guest to individually adjust the climate in his room and enjoy perfect comfort according to his needs represents a significant competitive advantage for hoteliers. The guest room is a relatively small space, which, however, sets high demands when it comes to air conditioning technology, which should be invisibly integrated into the architecture, efficient and economical, individually adjustable, silent and without the effect of drafts and centrally controlled, in order to adapt to changing loads.

Active chilled beams DID-E induction devices were developed with the primary task of ensuring that the guest is not disturbed by anything during sleep. This ventilation system ensures silent and efficient air conditioning. They are invisibly integrated into the suspended ceilings, which are usually located at the entrance to the room and are intended for heating and cooling both for smaller and larger rooms. The guest has the possibility to adjust the air conditioning according to his needs.

Hotel Styles, Piding (Photo: Trox)Hotel Styles, Piding

Devices for air flow regulation ensure the supply of a variable amount of air according to needs.


They are usually located in the inner area of the hotel building, hotel guests stay in them for a short time, but the traffic of people through them can be intense. Therefore, it is also necessary to ensure a sufficient amount of air here. PASSCLEAN ceiling diffusers are designed to reduce soiling, and ADLR ceiling diffusers provide a high level of comfort thanks to the radial air discharge.


The automatic extract ventilation valve ATVC-100 has an electric drive and is excellent for quick air changes and moisture extraction. The valve is usually closed or only slightly open, and a larger amount of air is extracted only after the ignition is switched on by pressing the light switch.

Bar and restaurant

When the capacity is full, the staff in the restaurant and the air conditioning system face great challenges - everything must be done quietly, imperceptibly and without turbulence.
The X-Grille grilles in the Basic and Cover variants are the real stars among the grilles, and the Cover variant is displayed in its full glory in a linear arrangement. They not only attract the eye of the architect, but also the designers are happy to choose them, because they are sure that they have chosen a grille with the best aerodynamic and acoustic characteristics.

PureLine slot diffusers are here for all those who prefer discreet and quiet diffusers for air distribution, which also contribute to making the ceiling around them less dirty.

AIRNAMIC swirl diffusers, thanks to their innovative blade gemetry, ensure quiet air discharge of high volume flow rates with optimal swirl generation.

Crowne Plaza, Belgrade (Photo: Trox)Crowne Plaza, Belgrade

Conference room

In order to achieve the maximum level of comfort for conference room users and to maintain their alertness, it is necessary to provide a sufficient amount of fresh air depending on the size of the room and the number of people who will be staying in it.

VARYCONTROL air terminal units have electronic or pneumatic control components. They individually control the temperature and/or quality of the air in the room by adjusting the supply air volume. Only as much air as is needed is supplied, thus saving energy.

The swirl diffusers TDV-SilentAIR are attractive not only their appearance, but also for large air volume flows, which they can discharge with a low sound power level. Supply air discharge in a swirl and high induction ensure rapid temperature equalization and rapid reduction of air velocity. XARTO swirl diffusers are here to be an element of creatively designing the appearance of the ceiling - the diffuser plate is produced in a large number of round and square variants.

Hotel Crowne Plaza, Belgrade (Photo: Trox)Hotel Crowne Plaza, Belgrade


The air conditioning system in garages must ensure functional smoke extraction and perfect fire protection.

In the event of a fire, the fire dampers close automatically and thus prevent the spread of fire and smoke through the ventilation ducts. Smoke control dampers are used to remove smoke in zones according to different scenarios depending on the place of fire.

Technical room

Here is the heart of the building management system. All systems are contolled from here, including the air conditioning and ventilation system.

The air handling unit, as the "lungs" of the entire system, provides air preparation according to needs. Thanks to its modular construction, the X-CUBE air handling unit can be adapted to all requirements. High-quality "made in Germany" coordinated components contribute to its efficiency, while a large number of details facilitate assembly, maintenance and handling of the device.

The silencers, thanks to their profiled frame, provide up to 30% less pressure drop compared to conventional silencers, which contributes to energy savings. They have been hygienically tested according to VDI 6022, which guarantees that the materials used are not harmful to health and do not represent a breeding ground for microorganisms.

Air filtration is necessary, especially in urban areas with concentrations of fine dust, ozone and carbon dioxide, which often exceed the set limit values. TROX filters make it possible to keep the air in hotels clean. Thanks to the innovative production technology, which enables different depths and distances between the filter material, TROX can produce filters for all technical requirements regarding the degree of separation, air volume and pressure drop, which as a result has the possibility of reducing the required fan capacity.
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