Source: eKapija | Friday, 04.12.2020.| 11:13
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Biochip for World’s Fastest Coronavirus Test Being Made in Vienna

The current quick coronavirus tests are based on known procedures of detection, just like with other viruses. At the Vienna University of Technology, a new testing method has been developed, based on an altered measuring principle.

This method can give results much quicker than the current ones and it is also extremely sensitive. Three to five viruses are enough for a reliable signal to be generated. This reduces the risk of false-negative results.

The new method has already been patented, but it will take several months until a prototype that is ready for the market is produced. After that, the test could be used before the beginning of public event where a large number of people can be tested with a high degree of reliability in a short amount of time, announced the City of Vienna office in Belgrade.

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