Hotel Crna Gora Podgorica

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Opis djelatnosti
Hotel Crna Gora was built in 1953. It was designed by architect Vujadin Popovic with the hotel in Alexandria as a model and with it began the development of contemporary hotel industry in the area.

It is located in the very centre of town, between two beautiful parks. The stone terrace of monumental architecture facing the park is the landmark of the town of Podgorica.

Hotel Crna Gora is part of Company UTIP Crna Gora. Majority owner of UTIP Crna Gora is Company Normal Tours. The complete renovation of Hotel Crna Gora is planned for the next two years and after which the hotel will earn a five star rating.

This demanding project will give the hotel a new, modern exterior as well as an interior, using the latest materials to restore the glamour and image that it deserves.